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2008 Environmental Stewardship Award Winners

Region I: Sennett Cattle Co.
Clark Sennett and family (Waynetown, Indiana)
Nominated by Indiana Cattlemen‘s Association

Region II: Yon Family Farms
The Yon family (Ridge Spring, South Carolina)
Nominated by Saluda County Soil and Water Conservation District  

Region III: Guge Family Farm
The Guge family (Estherville, Iowa) 
Nominated by Iowa Cattlemen‘s Association

Region IV: Bradley 3 Ranch
The Bradley family (Memphis, Texas)
Nominated by Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association

Region V: Veseth Cattle Co.
The Veseth family (Malta, Montana)
Nominated by Montana Stock Growers Association

Region VI: Babacomari Ranch
The Brophy families (Sonoita, Arizona)
Nominated by Robinett Rangeland Resources

Region VII: Hovde Ranch
Lynn and Patti Hovde (Alexander, North Dakota)
Nominated by North Dakota Stockmen‘s Association 


Seven U.S. Cattle Operations Win Environmental Award for 2008
Statement by the 2008 Environmental Stewardship Award Selection Committee Dave Petty, Chairman
July 17, 2008

"The members of the 2008 National Environmental Stewardship Award Selection Committee are extremely proud to announce this year‘s regional award winners, hailing from diverse family cattle operations from across the United States."

"These families have successfully conducted stewardship practices that serve as exemplary models for all cattle producers. They are actively working to protect and improve the environment and have proven that stewardship and good business can go hand-in-hand."

"The seven regional winners have made extensive efforts to work closely with their local communities and government agencies, conservation and wildlife organizations including The Nature Conservancy, to assist in the development of conservation practices and protecting valuable rangelands. They have seen the value in building partnerships that strengthen their operation. These folks showcase how the implementation of cooperative research efforts, educational events and government programs can really pay off."

"We are also proud to announce that 2008 marks the 18th year of the Environmental Stewardship Award. Over the years, we have seen an exceptional number of applications, and we look forward to the continued growth of this prestigious award. We thank Dow AgroSciences LCC, the U.S. Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, for their dedication to sponsoring this award, which honors environmental innovation and perseverance among U.S. cattle producers."

The 2008 Regional Environmental Stewardship Award Winners are...

-Region I: Sennett Cattle Co, Waynetown, Indiana
 Nominated by Indiana Cattlemen‘s Association

-Region II: Yon Family Farms, Ridge Spring, South Carolina
 Nominated by Saluda County Soil and Water Conservation District  

-Region III: Guge Family Farm, Estherville, Iowa
 Nominated by Iowa Cattlemen‘s Association

-Region IV: Bradley 3 Ranch, Memphis, Texas
 Nominated by Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association

-Region V: Veseth Cattle Co, Malta, Montana
 Nominated by Montana Stock Growers Association

-Region VI: Babacomari Ranch, Sonoita, Arizona
 Nominated by Robinett Rangeland Resources

-Region VII: Hovde Ranch, Alexander, North Dakota
 Nominated by North Dakota Stockmen‘s Association

The 2008 Environmental Stewardship Award Selection Committee consists of past award winners, university faculty, federal and state government agencies, conservation and environmental organizations. The program is administered by the National Cattlemen‘s Foundation.

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