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Fulstone Ranches

Year Inducted: 2022

Region VI

Smith, NV



The Fulstone family has been working the land and raising livestock in Nevada since 1856, and today the ranch is operated by the sixth and seventh generations. Fulstone Ranches works cooperatively with state and federal agencies, universities, and non-profits to bring resources and expertise to solve natural resource challenges. The family works tirelessly fine tuning their operation to improve not only forage quality for livestock, but to also sustain the habitat for wildlife species such as the Bi-State Sage-Grouse. They changed the duration and timing of grazing and removed pinyon-juniper to increase water availability and reduce competition with other desired plant species. The Fulstones are also on the forefront of soil health using worm tea, a natural liquid fertilizer made from worm castings. Water retention has increased as has the quality of feed. 

“A farm essentially is an ecosystem, one that we manage to make a living off of, but still an ecosystem,” said Emily Fulstone of Fulstone Ranches. 

Fulstone Ranches 

“Fulstone Ranches is committed to maintaining their operation for future generations while continually adapting to practice environmental stewardship on their private parcels, leased grounds and public land grazing allotments,” said Marc Jackson, field supervisor for the Pacific Southwest Region Fish and Wildlife Service. “Over the years, each generation has successfully managed the operation which has allowed them to maintain and improve viable rangelands for more than 100 years.”

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2022 ESAP Region VI